sexta-feira, novembro 13

it's a secret 

they don’t know but
I keep a secret very well hidden 
It’s right here, look
cast in my eyes
in every flat note of my voice
in every heart pulse of mine

it’s actually bare, most of the time
as it’s so obvious how stars come out of my eyes
and melodies are always on my lips
for my heart,
              oh my heart
it beats, so many beats per minute
i can’ tell no one that

(i will tell no one that)

that light shining through my bedroom window
- so bright -
the underscoring of life,
the music score of love,
is you.


until i forget my age,
I said
- or, until when I'm dust and light, and
fly around the flowers,
(blooming them) -
i'll be kissing you,
I promise.

quinta-feira, novembro 5

girl knitting on the train

tiny freckles leaning towards to
two knit needles plaiting, as one
she picks, laces - picks, laces -
and sheds one loop,
the wool yarn gets tangled up
girl, please - pull, unravel it -
the winter is coming soon
girl knitting in front of me, and
I wish we were on those two needles
being bond for the cold.


this being autumn - he said -
you can either cry for the falling leaves,
or treasure how beautifully they dress the sidewalks
notice there is always grace
in little things around us,
or in how destiny challenges us everyday
he said - look, i can take you here, and
here might be unfortunate
you can always run
where you know you're always expected,
as long as what you expect
is there.


if i tell you this:
there’s no light without you, so
i need you
instead i let go that
it’s never dark when you’re around, and
gladiolus and roses blossom,
butterflies dance around my skylights
night is never enough for us,
for both,
my love
what would you prefer?
what would you rather listen to,
my ego
my heart
my soul
or my love for you, my darling?


saturday afternoon in Oxford:
the sun,
illuminating all our steps
the past, 
the present, and
that red ivy you embraced

holding you tight and telling you softly
"close your eyes and pretend you’re here, but
many and many years ago, in a different century"
and you
(yes, i could tell - you)
and me,
we both
travelled in time
we almost kissed in a different era
listening to others footsteps,
saturday afternoon in Oxford, and
i could see you everywhere
with me,
inside me
and tomorrow.

quinta-feira, outubro 29

peckam pub

the kid playing pool with his grandfather
jumps and hops over the table,
tries to sink the yellow balls, but
he misses them all

- so his granddad follows his dance.

as i'm drinking alone and writing
gentleman come to offer me wine,
ask if my leopard shoes bite, and
i smile, and 
i grin, and 
i laugh!

the youth ones drink stouts and play darts, but 
who cares?
i keep my attention on the gold generation

there's nothing wrong 
in helping a young man win,


there's nothing wrong 
in keeping an old man's hope,

- so i follow their dance.

quarta-feira, outubro 28

even though i don't know much

i may not know much about love
- of Romeo and Juliet,
Apollo and Daphne, or
Samson and Delilah -

but I do know exactly

- especially when the sun rises or sets, and
we (distantly) cannot kiss –

that this weight on my chest
is you,
and that burden in your heart
is me.

domingo, outubro 25


turkish coffee over lunch
your eyes spinning around my fate, and
that goodbye kiss between your arms

(and meanwhile)

the world hangs in candy canes, glitter 
and cotton candy clouds, 
up, up
in the sky.

sexta-feira, outubro 23


he was minding the gap
between him and herself

he was
keeping her close

- distantly -

like a lump in her throat,
he stood under her breath

nothing good ever gets away
she said
dancing in the platform, and

(one step back
two steps forward)

holding an entire ocean.

quarta-feira, outubro 21


I cannot wait any longer
before I see you again

not even a second, my love
and I too
I am kissing you right now

from your chin to your forehead,
from your navel to your scruff

from my words to your heart.

terça-feira, outubro 20


my baby has garnet eyes, and
velvety hair - dark,
like the deepest sea
full with undiscovered life

my dearest has gifted hands, and 
a luscious smile - mauve lips,
like the deep water roses

where I may 
lose, and 
find myself anew


and over again.


I could write all night about this:

the tip of the paintbrush 
between the tips of your fingers
conducting an orchestra, and 

your wrist,
dancing a waltz with my heart, and

my eyes,

at the sublime.

quinta-feira, outubro 15

sun rays

I want your lips on my lips, and
your legs around my neck,

I want your teeth biting my nipples, and
your sex filling my mouth,

and then

I'll want coffee - with you - every morning, and
the sun rays sweeping our bed,
the clock announcing a time out


not for long, darling, not to worry
as I was meant to love you

every day, and
every night.

still there

Clapham at night time,
lights wash the pretzel store, and
we're still there, my love.

terça-feira, outubro 13


We kissed, once again
heading to different trains,
already missing each other.

quinta-feira, outubro 8


Under the duvet
i am still leaning on you

gently roaming around my waistline
scenting new inches of your collar

And then I, telling
i need to get up
And you, asking
can I play you a song

dripping from the skylights,
the world 
drops in so odd, and
in tiny drops - so spare
so unnecessary -

want to hold your hand in that golden field
lay on the ground and stare at the blue sky
listen to the wind, playing with the hays,
and name all the clouds that pass above us

And then I,
will ask you to move inside me
and live within myself forever

quarta-feira, setembro 30

for when I dream I dream awake

want you

so much

that never, in my whole life,
my skin was in such heat.

domingo, setembro 27

talvez um dia eu consiga explicar-te 
que de todas as coisas particulares, 
há aquelas que permanecem: 

o sol 
a bater nos teus ombros 
suave e docemente, 

o teu sorriso 
enquanto pergunto 
se posso beijar-te, 

os teus lábios, 
infinito íman de carne em chama 
e abismo, 
de onde sempre me lanço 
em queda livre, pelo teu corpo 
pele na tua pele 
infinito no teu infinito. 

lá fora, há uma lua 
que de tão cheia se prepara para entornar ternura.

quinta-feira, setembro 17


I am gonna write you - 

on the white pages

and write you with all the letters,
with every single kiss,
every inch of your skin -

in desire.

quarta-feira, agosto 31

três letras

há uma onda que se se recolhe

no meu peito, meu amor
do teu cabelo
e se agita de saudade,
há pássaros que cantam
lá fora,
a tempestade,
e em apenas três letras, meu amor

o fogo lavra

a noite rompe

as estrelas ruem