quarta-feira, maio 25

a new place is gathered

I could say
look at what you’ve done
look at these wounds deep inside my chest
and at those blades which replaced your fingers
they seemed so bitter
and they seemed so sweet
covered with night reflections;
this – is what I’ve learnt
night it also sleeps
and there’s a weak barrier between sleep and madness
and only two sapphires could wake me up;
it is crazy
and it is sheer folly
when a man has to lick his own tears
when a man has to drink someone’s poison
to heal his heart
to clean his blood
and kill the pain that time can only ease;
I could say
but I don’t give a fuck;
I am no man
and I refuse to suffer
so I opened my chest in rage
and pulled my heart away;
now I’m only blades
and now I’m only knifes
so if you’re looking for an heart
please – stand back
‘cause a new place was gathered
and only poison you will find.